Our Story

EFEEE. is a Jordanian establishment, working in the field of electrical power generation & distribution, industrial systems, mechanical, installations and services as a turn key projects and equipment supplying. This positively contributes at serving the whole regional development process in power generation & distribution,telecommunications and industrial technologies. Therefore, our vision was “Keep Jordanian Efforts rolling”.So, our work could be summarized as follows: • Studies and Consultations: For engineering systems configurations, design methodology and problems solving. • Systems installations: Due to high technical support, trained staff and experience existence. • Operations & Maintenance: Availability of high expertise, junior and senior staff having long and effective experience in operations & maintenance. The company is ready to provide the clients. • Equipment’s and materials supplying: Satisfying our customer’s needs with high quality and full technical supported warranted systems. • Through EFEEE. some local and international establishments and companies, in cooperation with EFEEE., make joining their efforts for client satisfaction and serving their objectives and goals by using the long and practically based experiences.

Our Mission

To provide stronger place for our Company with high quality service and Reliable products to our customers through well qualified employees. To work on customer oriented basis. To present convenient, efficient, competitive and cost effective solutions according to customer needs with proper quality. To be responsible for customers and employees as well as the community and the environment.